Bridging to Polygon, Splitting, and Staking with PRUF

Because of the high costs of ETH transactions, most PRUF holders will find it advantageous to move their tokens to Polygon (Matic) before staking. On Polygon, transactions usually cost less than a cent, and with short block times, are often processed more quickly.

To get your PRüF to Polygon, there are some things to know and some things to do. First, you need to understand that every ETH address has an identical address on Polygon. This means if you have an ETH wallet address, that same address is also yours on Polygon, so you already have a Polygon wallet!

If you can already see your PRUF tokens while connected to Ethereum, you are ready to connect to Polygon. Otherwise go to and it will show the PRüF balance of the connected wallet. Click the button in the upper right corner of the page marked “configure PRUF token” and it will automatically configure your Metamask compatible wallet to see your PRUF.

Connect to your Polygon wallet:

To connect to the Polygon network and control your Polygon (Matic) wallet, you will have to point your Ethereum client to Polygon by setting a “Custom RPC.” In Metamask, this means clicking the “network” button at the top and selecting “custom RPC” from the menu that drops down.

Once you select ‘Custom RPC’, you will be presented with some fields to fill out.

Next, enter the Polygon Mainnet settings:

Network Name: Polygon Mainnet


ChainID: 137

Symbol: MATIC

Block Explorer URL:

…and click ‘Save’.

You can now switch to the Ethereum mainnet or the Polygon network by using the drop-down menu at the top of Metamask.

Switching between networks is a lot like switching between computers. You can run the same programs on several computers, but just like when you save a document on one computer it won’t be in another; when you use one network (blockchain) the results stay on that network.

PRüF makes it possible to MOVE your PRUF assets from one network to another, but they will not be on both simultaneously.

Now that you are connected to the Polygon network, your wallet application should look something like the image below and to the left.

In order to do operations on the Polygon network, you will have to have a little bit of MATIC (the Polygon equivalent of ETH) to pay for gas fees.

Fortunately, fees on Polygon are very low, and as of this writing, you can do hundreds of operations for less than one USD!

You can get some MATIC from an exchange, a friend, or a faucet. here is one:


Remember that your ETH address is shadowed on Polygon, so you will send MATIC to the same address you use on Ethereum, but it will show up on Polygon instead.

With Metamask set up for the Polygon network, set it up to recognize the Polygon PRUF token:

Up in the upper right corner of the staking page, there is a button “configure PRUF token”. If you are using Metamask, just click here and it will configure your wallet to see your PRUF.

If you can’t see your PRUF tokens on Ethereum, you can use the button while connected to the Ethereum network and it will configure your Ethereum PRUF as well.

If you have to do this manually, you will need the following settings:

Name: PRUF Network Token

Symbol: PRUF, the name is PRUF Network Token

Decimals: 18

On the Polygon mainnet, the address for the PRUF token is : 0xAdf72D32E511eE00c6E0FF5D62Cd5C7C40A6aDEA.

On the Ethereum mainnet, the address for the PRUF token is : 0xa49811140e1d6f653dec28037be0924c811c4538

Next, switch back to the Ethereum Mainnet so that we can split and/or bridge your PRUF from Ethereum to Polygon.

To switch back to Ethereum, select the button at the top of Metamask labeled ‘Polygon Mainnet’ and choose ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ from the dropdown.

Now, your wallet should show ‘Ethereum Mainnet’ at the top and display your ETH and PRUF balances as before.

To split your PRUF:

If you are connecting using the account you wish to split, select ‘use connected wallet’ under the ‘Split Tokens’ box. Otherwise, you can enter the address you wish to split in the field provided.

Once you have an eligible address selected, the application will automatically show the eligible split amount, and you can then click the ‘Split’ button. This will initiate an Ethereum transaction, and after you approve the transaction in Metamask, your new tokens from the split will appear in the next block. This may take some time, often 15 minutes or more. If gas prices rose while you were transacting, your transaction may require even more time.

If you want to see what is going on, under the ‘Activity’ tab you will see the transaction as “contract interaction.” From there, you can click through to look it up on the block explorer to check the transaction status.

Once your transaction goes through, your new PRUF balance will be reflected in your account. Congratulations!

Next, you will probably want to bridge your tokens to Polygon for less expensive transactions!

Bridging to Polygon:

To bridge (send) your tokens to the Polygon Network, use your browser or wallet-browser to go to

You will be prompted to login using Metamask or your browser wallet. It will look something like this:

Click “Sign”. This is not a transaction, and it will not cost anything.

After the message has been signed by your wallet, you will be brought to this page:

Verify that you are set to transfer FROM Ethereum TO Polygon. Click on the button shown above, and you will be presented with a dropdown list of tokens. Select or type PRUF from the list. Type in the number of tokens you wish to send to Polygon (or select the ‘MAX’ button) in the amount field, and click the “Transfer” bar. This will initiate two transactions. The first is an approval for the Polygon network to move your PRUF from your wallet. The second is the actual bridging operation and will take several additional minutes after both transactions are approved.

Once the tokens have been sent to Polygon, you can switch Metamask (or your browser wallet) to ‘Polygon Mainnet’ as we did before, and you will see your Polygon PRUF tokens. Your balance of Ethereum PRUF will now be reduced by however many tokens you moved to Polygon. You are now ready to stake your PRUF on Polygon!

Staking your PRUF on the Polygon (or Ethereum) Network

Staking PRUF is simple. Before staking, I would encourage everyone to read the article on EO staking at

To get started, go to using your wallet-enabled browser. You will be prompted to connect your wallet. Connect the desired network (Polygon or Ethereum mainnet) and account, and your balance information will be displayed.

At the bottom, select ‘New Stake’ and follow the directions. Be sure to click the dropdown for important information on each staking tier.

Once you have selected and confirmed your stake, a transaction will be initiated in your wallet. Confirm this transaction to stake your PRUF. Once the transaction is confirmed (this may take several minutes), the stake will show up in your Staking dashboard. Sometimes refreshing the page may be needed if the node times out.

Once you have staked PRUF, you will start earning rewards every second. Even small stakes will show rewards in your control panel at within a couple of minutes! You can withdraw your rewards after 24 hours from staking or from the last rewards paid out from your stake.

Using the “Increase Stake” button in the stake view, stakes can be increased up to the maximum specified in the tier at the time of initial staking. The minimum amount to increase a stake is ü100. Increasing a stake restarts the staking period for that stake but does not otherwise change the stake terms.

Available rewards over ü100 can be redeposited into stakes even before they are claimed just by selecting ‘view’ for an active stake and clicking on ‘Increase Stake.’ Then, using PRUF from your wallet, available rewards, or both, the stake can be increased up to the specified maximum. For example, if there is 0 PRUF in your wallet, but a stake you hold has available rewards of ü237, you could increase that stake by 237 PRüF even though there is no PRUF in your wallet.

Stakes are transferable as NFT tokens from the contract address on Polygon (0xd68bc9a69343dde6ebef1546bd09f3f43fe308c8) or on Ethereum (0xA39E7b9EFd9801A8da6B1F2d3bf7c381599D06bc). Note that so far, stake tokens cannot be moved between networks, though we expect to add this functionality in the future. — The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.