PRüF for cultural artifact preservation

Even in the careful custody of museums and conservatories, physical objects are subject to deterioration over time. Likewise, simply storing a digital copy in a safe place does not ensure its long-term viability.

Blockchain storage offers a new kind of data permanence, one where data is constantly being populated and copied to new devices, forever and constantly renewed by virtue of the incentivized activity of a global network of distributed nodes.

PRüF is a blockchain based asset provenance and management platform for both physical and digital objects. …

As we reach the feature crystallization phase of building the PRüF protocol, we find ourselves in the position of taking a long hard look at the state of the blockchain platforms on which we would like to deploy.

Development of the PRüF infrastructure has been focused on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) so far, but deploying on other platforms has always been part of the plan for PRüF.

At this point, we have the utility token deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and have been operating on the testnet for feature development and testing. …

From choas, order.

Building NFTs for enduring value

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are bursting onto the blockchain scene with all of the exuberance and bluster of a three-month-old Labrador puppy. Unfortunately, they're bringing the-knock-everything-off-the-coffee-table-with-their-tail finesse as well.

I’ve seen a variety of articles and opinions swirling around social media and the blogoshpere, many breathlessly extolling the exciting new world of NFTs, while others take a decidedly skeptical view of the whole scene, calling NFTs anything from questionable to worthless.

So, let’s take a deep breath, and unpack this.

In this article, I will explore features and issues particular to the digital-goods-based model of NFTs. NFT-enabled physical goods (like the ones

PRüF as a Brand-Centric NFT Platform

Branding — whether personal, corporate, or artisanal — has become a central part of modern life. NFT offerings promise to propel the reach of social influencers, ambassadors, and corporate brands beyond the twittersphere right into customers’ crypto-wallets. In doing so they will drive mass adoption of NFT tokens and collectibles in ways that will leave many markets struggling to keep up.

With the recent resurgence of cryptocurrency popularity and sudden rise in values, blockchain is front and center once again. This time, it’s here to stay. Decentralization isn’t just a buzzword anymore, as decentralized markets top trillions of dollars and…

PRüF enabled physical goods are designed to deliver value to the companies and individuals who interact with a product over its entire life cycle.

When raw materials are in the supply chain, they can be batched as a PRüF asset, tracking their origin, assay results, quantity, and warehouse location. As these materials are fashioned into products, each PRüF enabled object they are made into can bear witness to the origin batches from which it was made. When these items are assembled into finished products, these products can then bear the list of parts, with each part tracing its origins to…

PRüF was initially conceived as a global solution for private and secure asset management. The platform we built on the Ethereum network to achieve that goal is almost universally adaptable to all kinds of tokenization scenarios and includes a rich variety of built-in features that make implementing NFT based projects easier and more extensible than ever before.

As an NFT Launchpad, PRüF lets content creators and developers create branded, feature-rich, self monetizing, standards-compliant tokens for their brand without writing any contract code.

Standards-compliant NFTs created or wrapped in PRüF have built-in features for metadata, file, or multimedia storage on IPFS…

The PRüF team has formally adopted protocol improvement proposal 173 which amends the staking protocol to allow token holder staking and earning on all ACNodes.

PIP173 means that token holders will be able to stake on any ACNode in the system. Token holder rewards will be determined by node revenues, distributed among the node stakeholders.

ACNodes are the customer-facing endpoints of the PRüF infrastructure. Brands, agencies, or artisans operate ACnodes through which NFT’s are created to represent products or other brand assets. ACNodes generate revenue based on monetized services and business logic provided by the node operator.

Under the current…

There are some superficial similarities between PRüF and VeChain, so comparisons are a natural thing to expect. By detailing both their overlap and distinguishing features, I will show how PRüF transcends the supply chain-paradigm, delivering lasting value to users and empowering private commerce.

Not all asset provenance systems respect your privacy.

VeChain is primarily a supply chain solution, with its own blockchain, and for that, its RFID tag functionality is a pretty good fit. VEChain allows business users to publicly verify the history of materials and goods as they move through the supply chain.

VEChain relies upon these materials and products running through official channels where they will…

The defining characteristic of fourth wave blockchain startups is that they apply the unique advantages of cryptographically secured ledgers to solve tangible, physical problems in the “real world”. These projects promise to onboard users by the container load, but we’ve all heard about “massive adoption” before — what is different now?

Typically, users on fourth-wave platforms may not (at first) know anything about cryptocurrency or blockchains — but because the business model transcends the blockchain space, the onramp is pushed right under the feet of new users, bringing them into the space without ever touching a cryptocurrency wallet:

Clifford Smyth…

At its core, PRüF is a privacy-first provenance platform that provides instant verification of ownership, authenticity, and item provenance. In addition to these core functions, PRüF can be used to manage escrows, collateralized loans, layaways, private sales, and much, much more.

PRüF is a really new project. What has the team accomplished so far?

As you said, we’re just getting started, but we’ve done a lot already. The core contract infrastructure and the basic set of business logic contracts are done, audited, and deployed on the testnet. We have the MVP dapp interface publicly available (on the testnet) at, and the PRüF utility token is live on the ethereum mainnet. …

PRüF -- — The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.

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