PRüF : Multi-Chain Asset Management

We often mention here at PRüF that we are a blockchain agnostic protocol, not a platform. So, why does this matter?

Blockchains are the platforms on which smart-contract-based protocols operate. Each blockchain can have advantages and features that others do not possess. Each has its own community, culture, and set of risks and assurances integral to its metrics, technology, and consensus mechanisms.

A blockchain is to a protocol as the Windows / Mac / Linux trinity is to application software. It is the system that it will run on.

Blockchains are to protocols what OS’s are to software

For software, it can be advantageous to deploy on many platforms. For example, if I am using Microsoft Word on my Mac, I can be sure that my documents will work when I send them to my Windows-using friends because they also use Microsoft Word on their machines. The word .docx document protocol is platform agnostic. Being OS agnostic and multi-platform helps to make the .docx protocol the default standard because it works everywhere.

For similar reasons, PRüF is deploying on multiple platforms. We are on the Ethereum network and are expanding the protocol onto the Polygon POS network.

We were recently funded by Cardano’s Project Catalyst to expand the protocol onto the Cardano blockchain. This exciting development will bring PRüF to the enormous Cardano community and expand the protocol onto a next-generation platform with explosive growth and strong innovation in the space.

We will continue to expand the protocol onto more relevant platforms, giving PRüF users the ability to seamlessly transport their assets from one chain to another, creating unprecedented portability and choice for their virtual and real-world tokenized goods.

Multi-chain deployment of the PRüF protocol will give PRüF users access to the communities hosted by those chains, expanding markets across geography, culture, and socioeconomic boundaries.

Far from the walled-garden paradigm typical of token issuing entities, the PRüF protocol is a universal, extensible fabric for tokenization and storage across the global ecosystem of distributed storage and compute infrastructures. Delivering freedom without chaos, PRüF breaks your tokens free from their chains - but it also provides verifiable, traceable integrity back to the original issuing authority, even on another blockchain.

Break Free of walled gardens but keep verifiable integrity with PRüF

In contrast to being at the mercy of a token-issuing company as with most token platforms, the PRüF protocol is designed from the beginning to transition to distributed stakeholder governance, so the PRüF DAO will always be responsive to the needs of users and stakeholders.

With PRüF, tokenized goods stored on-chain can include software, data, media, documents, contracts, on-chain logic, and more — portable, extensible, and interoperable between chains; governed and guided by users and stakeholders to become the gold standard of asset tokenization everywhere. — The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.