PRüF as an accessible NFT launchpad for content creators

PRüF was initially conceived as a global solution for private and secure asset management. The platform we built on the Ethereum network to achieve that goal is almost universally adaptable to all kinds of tokenization scenarios and includes a rich variety of built-in features that make implementing NFT based projects easier and more extensible than ever before.

As an NFT Launchpad, PRüF lets content creators and developers create branded, feature-rich, self monetizing, standards-compliant tokens for their brand without writing any contract code.

Standards-compliant NFTs created or wrapped in PRüF have built-in features for metadata, file, or multimedia storage on IPFS and other platforms. In addition to files, business logic for accepting payments in multiple fungible tokens and cryptocurrencies is built in to the default contract suite. Escrow and loan contracts, appless linking via QR-codes, and a host of other immutable and mutable characteristics and features are supported by default in the PRüF infrastructure.

The PRüF protocol specifies a minimal set of metadata to ensure that all tokens are fully platform-interoperable — and defines a standards-based format for extensibility limited only by the imagination. Providing a basic set of standards that cover the most common feature requirements while allowing infinite extensibility in a standardized way facilitates the growth of a rich ecosystem of interoperable tools and platforms without locking developers into a fixed paradigm.

With a few minutes of configuration in the ACNode manager portal, teams can launch their NFT within our fully tested and audited contract network, eliminating expensive and time-consuming contract development and audits.

Developers can deploy NFT dApps by incorporating our open source libraries into their websites or by adapting our sample react template to create a customized site with the desired look and feel. Using the ACNode management portal, teams can deploy their token, defining their data schemas and customizing the scope of the business logic that will apply to their NFT — all without writing a single line of contract code.

The resulting standards-compliant token will be deployed within a recognized universal NFT network on the blockchain, with a contract-origin pedigree making them instantly recognizable, tradable, and interoperable with other major platforms.

One of the problems, ironically, of NFT content creators is the proliferation of fraudulent NFT’s. Since the blockchain is largely unregulated like the wild west environment of the internet, fraudsters can create duplicates of digital art tokens that appear to the uninitiated to be original, authorized works. PRüF solves this problem with our curated space of ACNodes, so that any token accessed using the PRüF API is verified to have been minted by the authenticated agent of the brand or artist being represented.

Solving the barrier to entry problem paves the way for NFT content creators, and will establish PRüF as a preferred point of entry for NFT based projects. By building an on-ramp for entrepreneurs and developers that may have little or no blockchain experience in front of the rising wave of NFT content creators, PRüF will gain rapid momentum as a major platform in the NFT space.