Your Tokens — Your Brand

PRüF as a Brand-Centric NFT Platform

Branding — whether personal, corporate, or artisanal — has become a central part of modern life. NFT offerings promise to propel the reach of social influencers, ambassadors, and corporate brands beyond the twittersphere right into customers’ crypto-wallets. In doing so they will drive mass adoption of NFT tokens and collectibles in ways that will leave many markets struggling to keep up.

With the recent resurgence of cryptocurrency popularity and sudden rise in values, blockchain is front and center once again. This time, it’s here to stay. Decentralization isn’t just a buzzword anymore, as decentralized markets top trillions of dollars and the social space is more segmented than ever. Advertisers are no longer broadcasting to huge blocks of consumers, but rather to fragmented groups of “followers”, segmented by influencer brands.

Whether through value-producing interactions, incentivized sharing, or creating product desire, marketers and PR firms are looking toward NFT’s to provide the next channel to reach the hearts, minds, and wallets of their customers.

Much like the early wild west of the commercial internet, the current NFT landscape is fraught with perils. For the uninitiated or nontechnical, it can be difficult to discern a genuine NFT from an identical-appearing fake. Tokens can have the same names, and there is no legal control or way to issue a take-down of fraudulent tokens. Once a token is on the blockchain, it’s not going anywhere without a hard fork.

Without legal control and no way to deal with interlopers, many companies are hesitant to enter the space without well-defined solutions. At PRüF we understand these problems, and have built the PRüF protocol to accommodate the needs of legitimate actors at all levels. Content creators or NFT teams can release their exclusive NFT offerings on the PRüF platform in minutes, without ever writing a single line of code. But that isn’t the only benefit of launching on PRüF.

With PRüF, brands or issuers own an Asset Class Node (ACNode) that acts as a key to mint tokens, define their unique namespace, and choose the business logic and monetization options desired by the minter. These characteristics are defined on the blockchain. This is important because this means that they cannot be altered, and they do not depend on a company still being in business to continue functioning. When interacting with PRüF enabled tokens through the PRüF API, authenticity is guaranteed.

Since ACNodes are tokenized software licenses, Minters are subject to a TOS agreement with the PRüF network.

Bad actors can be dealt with using community governance.

The PRüF Foundation will work with the community-based DAO to ensure that the needs and rights of good-faith actors are prioritized while ensuring a vibrant and prosperous ecosystem.

PRüF enabled tokens support a nearly unlimited scope of media and data types. They can include multimedia, documents, software, and more. Tokens can act as keys to on-chain resources or programs. They can access and control data on decentralized platforms like IPFS, standard server architectures and URLs, and even on-chain storage. The PRüF infrastructure allows tokens to be controlled by customized business logic selected by the ACNode. Actions on the network can be monetized, generating revenue for the issuer.

PRüF can even enhance legacy NFT’s by token wrapping or decorating, adding the security and rich media functionality to regular tokens.

The PRüF protocol is open source, and we are preparing the release of a developer pack so that anyone can create a standards-compliant interface for interacting with PRüF enabled tokens. This provides brands or individuals a “white box” solution so that using PRüF doesn’t mean sharing your prestigious brand space with other offerings on a centralized 3rd party website.

With PRüF, your branded NFT offerings are underwritten and secured by our audited network of contracts, while PRüF governance protects your brand from interference by imposters. Launching your NFT on PRüF brings cutting edge features and extensibility to your NFT offering, so that it will continue to deliver value well after first generation solutions have faded into the background. — The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.