At its core, PRüF is a privacy-first provenance platform that provides instant verification of ownership, authenticity, and item provenance. In addition to these core functions, PRüF can be used to manage escrows, collateralized loans, layaways, private sales, and much, much more.

PRüF is a really new project. What has the team accomplished so far?

As you said, we’re just getting started, but we’ve done a lot already. The core contract infrastructure and the basic set of business logic contracts are done, audited, and deployed on the testnet. We have the MVP dapp interface publicly available (on the testnet) at, and the PRüF utility token is live on the ethereum mainnet. We are having a seed round presale right now through Jan 30, you can check it out at

Can you please elaborate on the decentralization of PRüF?

PRüF accomplishes decentralization primarily through the use of independent nodes.

PRüF is described as privacy-first. What does that mean, and how does PRüF protect user privacy?

The PRüF protocol does not store personally identifiable information on the blockchain. This is important because, by design, the blockchain is a living public document. Anything stored on the blockchain is inherently public. PRüF uses user data to create digital “shadows” of the information it is given, and the original information is discarded. Like a shadow, the data cannot be used to recreate the original scene, but it is a unique imprint that can be used to verify that a scene matches the shadow or does not.

I am a crypto investor and I only care about the value prospects of the token, why should I choose your token over another?

PRüF tokens have intrinsic value within the PRüF ecosystem.
They are burned to create new ACNodes. Node operators spend PRüF to upgrade their nodes for higher profitability. PRüF is used by users or node operators to operate business functions within the system. All asset management functions such as listings, transfers, escrows, status changes, etc may require PRüF, depending on the configuration of the relevant ACNode.

Many investors just focus on the short term price of a project’s token instead of the real value of the project. Can you explain the value of the PRüF ecosystem over the long term?

One of the biggest problems with most projects is that they don’t solve any problems outside of the blockchain space. PRüF is a real solution to real problems that people and businesses face every day.

What do you mean when you say that PRüF is extendable and upgradeable?

The PRüF infrastructure is modular and designed to securely connect to custom contracts to enable any type of business logic imaginable.
Custom contracts might include collateralized loans, layaways, escrows pending delivery, structured sales contracts, or any other type of business logic involving assets, payments, and time or other information oracles.
As for upgradeability, our contracts are designed to be upgraded in place. This means that a new contract can be launched to replace or extend an existing one without an interruption of service or user action required.

Why would I want to choose PRüF instead of one of the many other projects out there right now? What makes PRüF unique, and what is the market potential?

PRüF solves real problems for individuals while addressing significant pain points for international commerce. Most projects are just copying existing innovations in the already crowded DeFi space, and they aren’t bringing in any new value to the crypto ecosystem.
You can only put so many fish in the same bowl before they start eating each other….Real-world projects like PRüF bring in new value to the space, instead of just trying to grab an ever-decreasing share of a limited resource.

What will PRüF do to create massive adoption?

That’s one of our secret superpowers, so we’re glad you asked!
Adoption is a huge issue for most projects in the cryptocurrency space. Most people know little or nothing about blockchain technology. Even fewer people actually hold or use crypto.

What is an ACNode, why would I want one, and how can I get one?

ACNodes are the key to PRüF’s decentralization. Each item in PRüF is given a “class” or type. For example, let’s examine the case for a TREK500 mountain bike. It might be assigned a type “TREK bicycles”, and “TREK bicycles”, in turn, is a subtype of the root class; “bicycles”. Each class or type is managed by an ACNode.

I see a lot of people in the PRüF Telegram Group are anxious for exchange and tracker listings. Any estimated time when this will happen?

Right now, we are focused on development and buildout. These are very early days, and we are not planning on focusing on exchanges or trackers until after our main token offering.
At the moment, with our little airdrop and this limited public offering of the utility token, we are building our core community, doing meme and bug bounties, and learning how to manage social media and publicity on a limited scale.
The seed presale is for people who want to join the project at the basement level, and are not worried about exchange listings or liquidity until after the main public offerings.

Where do you and the PRüF team see the world of blockchain in the coming years, and what role will PRüF play in changes to the space?

Blockchain is slowly taking over many industries, and cryptocurrency adoption is growing every day. It’s only a matter of time before distributed consensus protocols take over the vast majority of financial and provenance markets, simply because they are the best tools for the job.

Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. How can I be sure that PRüF is going to be around for the long term?

PRüF has carefully aligned incentives to make sure that the project continues to grow. The team’s tokens are unlocked over 4 years to keep development and buildout going strong. Aside from these tokens, the PRüF team and private investors will be paid a fraction of ongoing contract revenue, aligning team and investor incentives for long term viability.

Do you have any bounty programs? Who can join? How can I participate and earn PRüF?

We currently have a full bug bounty program, as well as daily meme contests and social media bounties over at Check for announcements and program details. — The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.