At its core, PRüF is a privacy-first provenance platform that provides instant verification of ownership, authenticity, and item provenance. In addition to these core functions, PRüF can be used to manage escrows, collateralized loans, layaways, private sales, and much, much more.

PRüF is a really new project. What has the team accomplished so far?

Can you please elaborate on the decentralization of PRüF?

Nodes are operated by companies or individuals and act as management portals for different classes of assets. Node operators control the fees and business logic of assets in their class and act as independent portals to the PRüF ecosystem.
In addition to independent Node operators, we will be rolling out fully decentralized nodes that feature crowdsourced provisioning, staking, and crowdsourced governance.

Decentralized governance for the entire ecosystem is planned, and the entire infrastructure is designed to eventually be controlled by decentralized governance contracts.

PRüF is described as privacy-first. What does that mean, and how does PRüF protect user privacy?

By not storing your information, PRüF data becomes immune to breaches, hackers, or other methods of coercion — the data is simply not there to take.

Privacy and security are almost always a tradeoff with functionality. PRüF meets this challenge in two ways:

PRüF allows a specific user (and only that user) to prove that they are the owner or authorized party to a single specific asset. This limitation is a privacy feature in our case because it prevents “looking up” users’ listings on the blockchain.

While privacy is important, sometimes we wish to make things public. PRüF allows for this as well, by linking assets to publicly readable (or encrypted) information accessible online. This way, users can publish what they want to make public while retaining control of their privacy.

I am a crypto investor and I only care about the value prospects of the token, why should I choose your token over another?

Right now, PRüF is very early stage, so token usage is low and is mostly HODLers, but PRüF enabling a single product line from a major manufacturer will generate millions of new PRüF items and users per year on the system — and that is just one major product.

PRüF is in it for the long haul. The team is invested in the project. The team’s tokens will be unlocked over four years starting in 2022, so we are deeply committed to the lasting value of the PRüF ecosystem.

Many investors just focus on the short term price of a project’s token instead of the real value of the project. Can you explain the value of the PRüF ecosystem over the long term?

PRüF helps companies to eliminate counterfeit products, which is a problem that costs trillions in lost revenue, over 3% of global trade.

PRüF helps individuals prove and manage physical ownership so they can buy and sell goods and services with ease and confidence, and when Marketspace rolls out it will include PRüF as a universal, global medium of value exchange.
Did you know that as many as one in 50 cash notes are counterfeit in some major European markets? PRüF can be used for cash businesses to secure their cash holdings, fight counterfeits, and deter theft. Theft and counterfeits are significant problems for cash businesses, and PRüF can help.

These are just a few of the many, many possible uses for a universal, extensible asset management system like PRüF. Since the PRüF ecosystem is customizable, extendable, and upgradeable, it is possible or even likely that the most important uses for PRüF haven’t even been thought of yet.

What do you mean when you say that PRüF is extendable and upgradeable?

Why would I want to choose PRüF instead of one of the many other projects out there right now? What makes PRüF unique, and what is the market potential?

Just the anti-counterfeit packaging market, which PRüF is well-positioned to disrupt, is a 100 billion dollar market and is expected to nearly double in size by 2026.

What will PRüF do to create massive adoption?

PRüF onboards users in bulk without them even knowing that they are using the blockchain. When a major upmarket manufacturer uses PRüF so that their customers know that they aren’t buying fakes, customers scan the tags in the store with their phones to verify their authenticity. All they know is whether a product is authentic or not — the blockchain operations are doing the work in the background.
After purchase, they can register their purchase on the brand’s portal. Without ever touching a crypto wallet, they are now a PRüF user. The brand owner handles all of the blockchain interaction in their back-office infrastructure.

Users in managed asset classes can prove provenance, perform transfers, and most other basic operations. Later, If a user decides to, they can export their asset to an unmanaged node and hold their asset in their wallet.
Whether a user chooses to learn about the full functionality of their PRüF asset or not, millions of users will be onboarded every year by each major manufacturer using PRüF.

What is an ACNode, why would I want one, and how can I get one?

The holder of the ACNode (the holder of the ERC721 token that acts as the key to node administration) is in charge of setting the payment address and price points for specific actions within their asset class.
The ACNode holder also chooses the namespace that describes their node. In our example, the owner of the “trek bicycles” ACNode might have exclusive use of the “Trek Bicycles” keyword and the domain referrer, as well as the namespace.
An ACNode holder can earn PRüF when users make transfers or changes to their records. Users within an asset class will be directed to the corresponding ACNode holders PRüF portal, which may also lead to additional revenue events such as upgrades, accessory sales, service contracts, repair services, brand education, additional sales, etc.

ACNodes are obtained in the PRüF ecosystem through the AC admin dashboard in the PRüF web app. This allows potential node owners to trade PRüF for an ACNode of their choosing. PRüF used to obtain an ACNode is burned by the ACManager contract. Once a user holds an ACNode token, they can then set the pricing, namespace, and other details of the corresponding asset class (AC), enabling them to fully customize their ACNode portal to provide an optimal user experience.

Soon, the PRüF team will roll out decentralized nodes, which can be formed through cooperative funding and feature user staking for profit sharing. Eventually, these nodes will feature fully decentralized governance as an option.

I see a lot of people in the PRüF Telegram Group are anxious for exchange and tracker listings. Any estimated time when this will happen?

Where do you and the PRüF team see the world of blockchain in the coming years, and what role will PRüF play in changes to the space?

There is nothing that conventional ledgers can do that blockchain can’t do better. Of course, there are limitations and inefficiencies in current solutions, but those are a result of legacy problems that have already been solved. It will take time, but modern solutions will be integrated into the popular chains, and new projects will be launched that bring low cost, high-speed blockchains to the forefront of the financial world.
Fully realized, PRüF will generate tens of millions of micro-transactions per day. Obviously, this will require a level of performance and economy that does not yet exist — but high capacity applications like PRüF are driving the edge of blockchain performance, and PRüF will either move to a more performant platform or launch our own when the time comes.

Many new projects made a good impression at first but were suddenly abandoned. How can I be sure that PRüF is going to be around for the long term?

Do you have any bounty programs? Who can join? How can I participate and earn PRüF?

PRüF. io— Privately and securely establish the ownership and provenance of digital or physical items, on the blockchain, anywhere internet access is available.

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