Because of the high costs of ETH transactions, most PRUF holders will find it advantageous to move their tokens to Polygon (Matic) before staking. On Polygon, transactions usually cost less than a cent, and with short block times, are often processed more quickly.

To get your PRüF to Polygon, there are some things to know and some things to do. First, you need to understand that every ETH address has an identical address on Polygon. This means if you have an ETH wallet address, that same address is also yours on Polygon, so you already have a polygon wallet!


Early stakers have opportunities to create surplus value

PRüF EO staking is an innovative protocol that gives early adopters access to a special staking pool, potentially valued at $16m or more. When a user stakes using the EO protocol, they receive an NFT that represents their stake. The stake token includes information about the staked amount, rewards rate, time lock period, most recent rewards taken, and the maximum allowed stake.

When staking begins, top-tier rewards rates will initially be available to all stakers. Then, in as little as a month, the minimum stakes required to reach those reward tiers will be increased to their regular amounts. This will…

A DeFi Revolution in asset provenance

The PRüF team will soon have their EO staking protocol live on the Polygon mainnet. The contracts are audited, deployed on the testnet, and the interface is being finished to make staking PRüF and getting rewards easy, simple, and fun.

There are two staking systems planned for the PRüF protocol. The first is a pre-release protocol, known as EO Staking, and the second is the distributed governance protocol, called Node Staking. They are fundamentally different protocols, made for different purposes, and work in different ways.

EO (Early Opportunity) staking is designed to create utility, stability, and liquidity for the PRüF…

The PRüF protocol could save the fraud-ridden NFT market

, determining the actual provenance of digital content NFTs can be risky. Because they can be created with little verification or even anonymously, many legacy NFTs are strictly buyer-beware. Some NFT contracts contain valuable data within themselves or a child contract, but most merely point to a media file on an image server, IPFS, or some other temporary storage medium. Aside from the near-certainty of server data eventually becoming inaccessible, there is also the problem of the media itself being the only tangible indication of the authenticity of the NFT.

For example, let us say…

Why it matters, and the PRüF protocol implementation of distributed governance

One of the things that we think about a lot here at PRüF is something called “business continuity.”

In general, business continuity is about having a plan to deal with difficult situations so that an organization can continue to function in adverse conditions with as little disruption as possible.

In asset tokenization, this means that tokenized assets will retain their functionality and value even if the issuing entity for the tokens fails, is sold, or suffers a catastrophic reorganization of priorities.

Under legacy tokenization protocols, there are few if any guarantees that a token issuer will remain in business, and…

We often mention here at PRüF that we are a blockchain agnostic protocol, not a platform. So, why does this matter?

Blockchains are the platforms on which smart-contract-based protocols operate. Each blockchain can have advantages and features that others do not possess. Each has its own community, culture, and set of risks and assurances integral to its metrics, technology, and consensus mechanisms.

A blockchain is to a protocol as the Windows / Mac / Linux trinity is to application software. It is the system that it will run on.

Blockchains are to protocols what OS’s are to software

For software, it can be advantageous to deploy on many platforms…

As we move into this consolidation phase of the crypto market cycle, I feel it is appropriate to update our stakeholders, partners, and advisors with our current efforts and plans.

PRüF was conceived during the last market winter and molded by that environment to seek tangible value in solving real-world problems.

The recent bull run has been exciting, but as much as it has opened doors, it brought with it a risk of distraction, a risk of chasing the hype. …

Part of our journey here at PRüF has been exploring markets and their problem-spaces within the wide range of applications for the PRüF Protocol. Along the way, we have had the good fortune to speak to several uniquely qualified individuals about the pain points and solutions within their particular market niche, and this has helped to inform and guide the direction of PRüF as we develop the unique features that position us as the industry-leading NFT protocol.

Often these explorations include the opportunity to work with some truly remarkable and talented people, and a recent example of this has been…

PRüF for cultural artifact preservation

Even in the careful custody of museums and conservatories, physical objects are subject to deterioration over time. Likewise, simply storing a digital copy in a safe place does not ensure its long-term viability.

Blockchain storage offers a new kind of data permanence, one where data is constantly being populated and copied to new devices, forever and constantly renewed by virtue of the incentivized activity of a global network of distributed nodes.

is a blockchain based asset provenance and management platform for both physical and digital objects. …

As we reach the feature crystallization phase of building the PRüF protocol, we find ourselves in the position of taking a long hard look at the state of the blockchain platforms on which we would like to deploy.

Development of the PRüF infrastructure has been focused on the Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) so far, but deploying on other platforms has always been part of the plan for PRüF.

At this point, we have the utility token deployed on the Ethereum mainnet and have been operating on the testnet for feature development and testing. …

PRüF --

— The next-generation NFT platform of choice for Brands, Artisans, Content Creators, and digital provenance.

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