Warehouse shelves
Warehouse shelves

There are some superficial similarities between PRüF and VeChain, so comparisons are a natural thing to expect. By detailing both their overlap and distinguishing features, I will show how PRüF transcends the supply chain-paradigm, delivering lasting value to users and empowering private commerce.

VeChain is primarily a supply chain solution, with its own blockchain, and for that, its RFID tag functionality is a pretty good fit. VEChain allows business users to publicly verify the history of materials and goods as they move through the supply chain. …

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The defining characteristic of fourth wave blockchain startups is that they apply the unique advantages of cryptographically secured ledgers to solve tangible, physical problems in the “real world”. These projects promise to onboard users by the container load, but we’ve all heard about “massive adoption” before — what is different now?

Typically, users on fourth-wave platforms may not (at first) know anything about cryptocurrency or blockchains — but because the business model transcends the blockchain space, the onramp is pushed right under the feet of new users, bringing them into the space without ever touching a cryptocurrency wallet: Clifford Smyth…

At its core, PRüF is a privacy-first provenance platform that provides instant verification of ownership, authenticity, and item provenance. In addition to these core functions, PRüF can be used to manage escrows, collateralized loans, layaways, private sales, and much, much more.

PRüF is a really new project. What has the team accomplished so far?

As you said, we’re just getting started, but we’ve done a lot already. The core contract infrastructure and the basic set of business logic contracts are done, audited, and deployed on the testnet. We have the MVP dapp interface publicly available (on the testnet) at pruf.io, and the PRüF utility token is live on the ethereum mainnet. …

In PRüF, each asset is minted in a type. The type is called an “asset class”. There are both normal and root asset classes, where normal asset classes are subclasses of a root asset class. In PRüF, asset classes are referred to as ACNodes (asset class nodes).

PRüF assets are held by individuals or smart contracts. The way that the asset is referenced, the way it can be interacted with, and the general nature of its utility in the PRüF infrastructure is determined largely by the type, or ACNode, in which it is minted. …

When we started with PRüF, we started with a vision. A vision of private and secure ownership. A vision of titles without government, of verifiable ownership, without being exposed to public scrutiny.

In PRüF’s initial iterations, we achieved this, at least in a technical sense. We developed Zero-Knowledge Public Records. Verifiable, immutable public records, while leaking zero knowledge to the public. Only the holder of the record can verify the record, yet it can be used to demonstrate ownership to any third party — but only with the cooperation of the record holder. …

The PRüF ecosystem consists of the PRüF contract infrastructure, PRüF users, and PRüF nodes.

The PRüF contract infrastructure is centered around a tightly integrated network of upgradable contracts. The core of this structure is the primary storage contract, which integrates specific business logic associated with secure asset management. Closely tied to this are the AC_Manager, Escrow_Manager, and Verify contracts, all of which also hold additional local data. Although these contracts hold critical data, they are still upgradable using a “replicate on read” migration pattern. …

Regarding decentralized operation of PRüF nodes, staking, crowdsourced funding, and decentralized node governance

Using the PRUF_DEFI contract currently under development, PRüF nodes can be launched under a distributed model, allowing stakers to underwrite, determine governance, and share node payouts from DeFi based nodes (dNodes).

Potential dNode founders would call the “new_node” function, and place the initial stake to create a new node. dNode creation is incentivized by giving the founding staker a fixed percentage of node — generated PRüF, up to a specified maximum*. …

PRüF -- pruf.io

PRüF. io— Privately and securely establish the ownership and provenance of digital or physical items, on the blockchain, anywhere internet access is available.

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